AEP Developments specialise in boutique residential projects under 30 units.

Our value for the interest and intentions of investors and owner-occupiers, drove us to statistically and historically understand how we could create exceptional value and quality in development.

Through extensive research we have established our niche– designing primarily for these smaller, higher quality developments.

As a result we are able to put the desires of both an investor and occupier at the forefront of all aesthetic and functional decisions. Our portfolio is a testament to our ability to continually produce spacious, architecturally elite dwellings in superior inner city locations.

This enables us to produce properties that will generate better rental yields for investors, and noticeably higher returns– not eroded by excessive strata fees.

This well educated, analytical approach to development combined with our aesthetic and functional proficiencies, allows us to appeal to the broadest market possible.

Comparably, our methodologies eliminate the many issues faced when investing in larger unit projects.

This approach sets us apart and diminishes market competition.